About On Track Drilling

On Track Drilling is a Geotechnical and Environmental Drilling Company, that has been serving Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Calgary and surrounding areas since 2002. Our staff is fully experienced in Geotechnical and Environmental Soil sampling as well as the installation of monitoring wells, deep settlement plates, pneumatic piezometers inclinometers, and borris anchors.

We are also equipped and fully experienced to carry out CPT, Seismic CPT, DCPT, and Field Vane testing. With our skilled operators and custom designed drills, we pride our selves at being second to none, in the industry, when it comes to speed and efficiency.

On Track’s Drills are mounted on Rubber tracked Carriers, they were designed so they could transverse not only soft uneven ground but also move about on Asphalt and concrete without damaging it. Our drills are compact and Powerful with excellent maneuverability, designed with a wide range of drilling conditions in mind. Our mobile B-53 truck drill is a standard in the Geotechnical and Environmental Drilling industry.

Our goal is to keep your project on time and on budget. For specific information on how we can help you with your latest project please view our Services page or use our Contact Us section.

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