Odex Drilling / Simultaneous Casing Drilling

ODEX is an excellent option when unconsolidated formations are too dense or cobbly for Auger Drilling. ODEX is a down-hole air hammer system that is designed to advance casing during drilling. Once a desired depth is reached they eccentric bit can be retrieved leaving the casing in place for sampling or installations.

When the bore-hole is complete, the casing is retrieved to be used again.


  • Rapid removal of cuttings;
  • No use of drilling mud;
  • High penetration rate, especially in resistant rock formation (e.g. basalt);
  • Easy soil and groundwater sampling during drilling;
  • Possible to measure yield estimate at selected depth in the formation;
  • Advantageous in unconsolidated formations with a high risk of caving (this is probably the most important feature).