Vane Shear Testing

Our slip vane is designed to measure a friction free shear strength value. In certain soil conditions serveral readings can be made with direct penatration of the instrument without pre-drilling.

OnTrack Slip Vane

  1. Before advancing the vane the rods are rotated 120° counter clockwise.
  2. Rods and Vane is advanced to the next testing level.
  3. Using the torque wrench the rods are turned clock wise. During the first 120° the vane is not turning, so the measured torque represents the rod/soil friction.
  4. Further turning now turns the vane for regular torque readings.
  5. Friction torque reading is deducted from the shear torque reading. To obtain a friction free Shear Strength Value.

To view Shear Strength Graph, download here.


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