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Leading-edge geotechnical & environmental drilling.

On Track Drilling represents a new generation of geotechnical and environmental drilling. We are a solution-based company and are always happy to bring new ideas to the table.

On Track Drilling is a geotechnical and environmental drilling company that has been serving Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and Calgary and the surrounding area since 2002.

We are also equipped and fully experienced in carrying out CPT, seismic CPT, DCPT, and field vane testing. With our skilled operators and custom-designed drills, we pride ourselves on our reputation in the industry for speed and efficiency.

On Track’s drills are mounted on rubber-tracked carriers that are designed to transverse soft, uneven ground and move on asphalt and concrete without damaging the surface. Our drills are compact and powerful with excellent maneuverability, designed with a wide range of drilling conditions in mind.

Our established reputation in the industry continues to attract only the finest equipment and the most highly trained personnel, which reinforces On Track Drilling’s continued growth and success.

Our highly knowledgeable staff members determine equipment acquisition and selection, anticipating the requirements for potentially challenging geographical limitations and remote sites that may entail the assignment of specialty services.

Our staff is fully experienced in geotechnical and environmental soil sampling and in the installation of monitoring wells, deep settlement plates, pneumatic piezometers, inclinometers, and Borris anchors. Our employees are trained to operate a diverse range of equipment, ensuring that your needs are always met, no matter what the scope of the project.

Our Vision

To hold paramount, industry-leading safety and performance standards to deliver high quality, solution-based drilling services. Our people represent our core values of safety, collaboration and top of the line service.

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