Sonic Drilling

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Your choice for deep investigations & tough ground conditions

Sonic drilling employs a high frequency, rotary vibratory drill that is designed to fluidize, overburden, and fracture rock faces. This process results in seamless casing advancement or continuous core samples that can be accessed without the application of drilling fluids.

All our sonic rigs are equipped with drop hammers, which accompany standard sonic drilling applications. In addition to SPT and Shelby Tube testing, grouting capability is available directly from our sonic rigs, minimizing the need for support equipment.

  • Safer and cleaner.​
  • Faster penetration rates.​
  • Continuous core samples from 4” to 10” (10.2 cm to 25.4 cm).​
  • Depths to 1000 ft (300 m).​
  • Bridging not required during well installation
  • Samples available without the use of air, mud, or water

Sonic Drilling Applications

  • Environmental investigations
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Mining investigation
  • Tailing investigations
  • Construction drilling
  • Coring capabilities for bedrock
  • Aggregate resources
  • Earth dams and levees
  • Mineral sands
  • Alluvial deposits
  • Special applications

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