Well Closure & Decommissioning

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Count on us for qualified, professional well closures and decommissioning

On Track Drilling’s Qualified Well Drillers (QWD) are licensed and fully experienced in decommissioning geotechnical and environmental monitoring wells. We strictly follow Groundwater Protection Regulation (GWPR) standards and can also provide well closure reports, if required.

Abandoned wells pose a threat to groundwater, allowing surface pollutants to infiltrate into the subsurface and provide an opportunity for different water qualities to mix. These wells also represent a potential hazard to human safety and are a liability for property owners. According to British Columbia’s Water Act and Groundwater Protection Regulation (GWPR), wells that are no longer in use must be closed.

Well closure involves completely filling in the well. Only Qualified Well Drillers, a person working under the direct supervision of a QWD, or a qualified professional, such as a professional engineer or professional geoscientist with expertise in hydrogeology, can close a well.

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